Specializing in customization to manufacturing, we offer fully integrated design to deliver service with low cost & fast production cycles.



Research & Design

Phase one begins with competitor analysis and drafting life-cycle assessment for your product(s). Product design, innovation, prototyping are then executed thereafter.



Our network of industry-leading sourcing and production partners supply materials necessary for your unique project; and most importantly, of pristine quality. 


fulfillment & Logistics

 With a customized blend of omni-channel fulfillment, warehousing, and drop shipping services, we provide specialized services to fit your business needs.

What We Can Do


Since 2006, we have built a reputation of quality, luxury and reliability with every organization and company we have partnered with. Because of our time-tested production processes, strict control of supply chain and relentless dedication to research and development, we are able to deliver the perfect bag or custom made print on-demand merchandise in a timely and efficient fashion. 

By manufacturing everything in-house, we provide quicker fulfillment times and cut costs for all parties involved. Not only are we able to manufacture products on behalf of a client or brand, we can also design a product from the ground up and provide logistical services to ensure shipments reach the right destination in a timely fashion. 


Fast-Track Your Sourcing


With over 10 years experience, Epoch Holding Group is a highly credible resource for manufacturing products to worldwide companies including but not limited to the following:

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The Unique Capabilities Of Kin Custom


As our most distinct arm of Epoch Holding Group, Kin Custom's world of customization brings your ideas to life while making a profit, hassle-free. This chapter of our business is all about embracing the new wave of modern fashion. Customization is everything in this world - and Kin Custom embodies that idea by offering artists, brands, and entrepreneurs the opportunity to mass produce their custom merch for the world to see. We give our Creators a chance to express themselves on a large scale by providing unique products, handling manufacturing and fulfillment, leaving them with a blank canvas to work with.